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Tips & Techniques for Applying Shimmer Lotion on Skin

woman with a shimmering glow woman with a shimmering glow
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Here are some useful tips to make the most of your appearance. Before applying the lotion make sure your skin is clean and moisturized to avoid streaking or clumping. Apply to the areas of your skin that reflect the most light for example your collarbone, shoulder, arms and legs. Remember to apply the shimmer lotion gently and allow the lotion to dry completely before dressing to maximize its effect. Look for a shimmer lotion with a very fine shimmer with no visible flecks of glitter. A fine shimmer will ensure that you look glowing and dewy, as opposed to flashy and glittery. The lotion can give an attractive look if applied carefully to the cheekbones near the eyes. This produces a natural shine resulting in a beautiful complexion to your face.

Larger grains in the lotions look more like flecks while smaller grains look nearly invisible. This will help decide how subtle or sparkly your shimmer lotion will look. Choose a bronze or golden shimmer powder if your skin is dark or tan. These colors will highlight your natural coloring and accentuate the warmth in your skin tone Stick to silver, champagne, or pink shimmers for light skin. If you have a fair complexion, it’s best to choose a shimmer powder with a lighter tone as well. Choose a silver shimmer for a sleek natural evening look, or opt for a peach-toned shimmer for a warm, everyday look.

There are many different occasions where a shimmer lotion is ideal. It draws attention to specific facial features while adding definition to your bone structure. If you are going out dancing in a club, a shimmer and shine on your skin would look perfect. If you are going on a first date, adding some shimmer to your body could make your date think that you look absolutely stunning. it’s best to apply the shimmer after you get dressed so you don’t rub it off. When you apply the shimmer lotion after you’re dressed you know what skin is going to be showing. To make a body shimmer lotion look good on you you need to take care of your skin by using a body scrub for clearer and smoother skin. Shimmer intensity will vary based on the number of applications.

The type of shimmer lotion you decide to buy will determine how subtle or sparkly you will look. Warm colors like copper will have more of a bronzing effect. In general lighter skin tones work best with silver to gold to rose gold and those with a more melanin rich complexion do best with rose gold to copper to bronze. That said, wear whatever color you like best. It can be an advantage to use this lotion when you are going to be in medium to darker lighting such as a club or restaurant. You apply it tactically to emphasize your best assets like you would apply any body cream. Shake the lotion well before use to ensure that the shimmer is completely mixed. There are many types of body shimmer lotions. Some come in a form of gel which cools and sooths tanned and sun irritated skin. Others not only enhance your tan but also function as lightweight self tanners which give you sheer, buildable coverage. Body shimmer lotions usually dry in a flash — you do not need to worry about glitter getting all over your clothes or hair.

A good shimmer lotion will absorb easily and will not leave a greasy film on your skin or stain your clothes. You should know that the smaller the flecks the more natural effect you get. If your tan is very dark go for silver shimmer as it will look more natural. Ensure you get a lotion that is right for your skin type. If you have dry skin look for a product dedicated to your skin type.