two young ladys displaying their shimmering, radiant and sunkissed face and body glows
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A young lady applying a shimmering lotion to illuminate the color of her legs a happy young woman displaying a bottle of shimmer body lotion

Recommended Shimmer Lotions For That Perfect Radiant Glow

glimmer goddess organic whipped body bronze shimmer with flecks of gold in a tub

Glimmer Goddess Organic Whipped Body Bronze Shimmer

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firstfly body highlighter containing smmooth shimmer glow liquid foundation and light reflecting pearl pigments in a bottle

Firstfly Face & Body Shimmer

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onyx la playa tan and body glow shimmer and highlighter containing Illuminating moisturizer in a tube

Onyx La Playa Tan & Glow Body Shimmer

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juicy skin care gold glitter up shimmer body lotion containing vitamin b and aloe vera in a bottle

Juicy Skin Care Gold Glitter Up Shimmer Body Lotion

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a young lady applying face shimmer lotion to her face a young woman with a radiant golden glow on her face
  • Shimmer Lotions highlight and accentuate areas of the body the light hits softening skin tone variations giving skin a lusty luminance which warms the complexion.
  • They make your skin radiate in ways that you never thought possible. The lotion gives your skin a warm glow when the light hits it at a certain angle.
  • They are infused with skin conditioning extracts, excellent moisturizers, natural ingredients, subtle light reflectors, micro glitters, refined pearl pigments and moisturizing ingredients to capture light for a reflective radiance.
  • They blur imperfections, warm and smooth the complexion and even out skin tone without leaving any streaks.
  • They enhance skin tone and give you an instantly brightening shimmering sun kissed radiant glow, subtle sheen and flawless glowing and luxuriously soft looking complexion leaving you sparkling all over.
  • Shimmer Lotions include brightening vitamin C, antioxidants and skin soothing plant extracts to create an instant, hydrated and luminous sun kissed glow to illuminate the skin.
  • They enhance all skin tones and undertones while diminishing flaws like small stretch marks and discoloration.
  • Their luminescent ingredients ensure a shimmery glow that looks natural and healthy and which is suitable for all skin types. They are suitable for use in all seasons. In winter they alleviates dry, ashy skin while providing an added glow.
  • In the spring and summer months they give your skin an added sun kissed glow when you are revealing a little more arm and leg.
  • Shimmer Lotions deliver a fast absorbing burst of moisture which penetrates deep into the skins surface providing all day moisturization.
  • l'oreal paris true match natural glow enhancer lotion in a tube

    L'Oreal Paris True Match Glow Enhancer Lotion

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    revlon skinlights face glow illuminator and liquid bronzer with refined pearl pigmentsin a tube

    Revlon Skinlights Face Glow Illuminator

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    pacifica vitaglow face lotion with luminescent ingredients in a bottle

    Pacifica VitaGlow Face Lotion

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    jergens natural glow face self tanner lotion ultra fine illuminating micro pearls in a bottle

    Jergens Natural Daily Glow

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  • A shimmer Lotion is easy to apply and dries in a flash so you do not need to worry about glitter getting all over your clothes or hair.
  • These glowing enhancing lotions are formulated to protect and hydrate your skin leaving it feeling rejuvenated, shimmering and smooth with that beautiful lit look.
  • They include sustainably sourced naturally organic ingredients packed with vitamins and anti aging ingredients to help restore elasticity and moisture to the skin.
  • Some shimmers contain aloe vera which firms and moisturizes the skin and helps repair minor imperfections leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • They can be used alone, as a highlighter or bronzer or mixed with your favorite foundation for a enhanced reflection and a warm subtle luminescence when you move in the light.
  • For deeper skin tones you can further complement your skin by adding a combination of brown, bronze and gold mica powders. The lotions wash off easily with a little soap and water.