Shimmer Lotion

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Look sensational and glitzy for your big night out. Shimmer lotion is a moisturizing lotion with shimmer which adds sexiness to your entire look. The body shimmer’s reflecting light makes the small imperfections in the skin less noticeable. As a result the skin tone becomes more even. This gives the skin a youthful silky appearance and creates a flawless glowing complexion.

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The body lotion contains fine shimmer particles which are more natural looking than glitter resulting in a fine shimmering sheen after application. Rather than darkening your skin the result is an instant natural golden glow.
It includes a lightweight hydrating body moisturizer leaving the skin soft, smooth and lustrous with a natural looking youthful radiant glow.

There are a wide range of high quality shimmer lotion brands to choose from in the marketplace. These body shimmers provide a natural golden glow that leaves you looking great. It is extremely light and makes your skin appear as if it has been lit from within.

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Shimmer lotion contains the perfect amount of micro sparkles leaving a beautiful subtle and glamorous sheen suitable for any occassion whether you are lounging around the pool are looking to enhance your party dress. Discover the top shimmer lotions of 2015 here. Remember to apply the shimmer lotion gently and allow it to dry completely before dressing. Apply to the areas of your skin that reflect the most light for example your collarbone, shoulder, arms and legs.
The body lotion can also give an attractive look if applied carefully to the cheekbones near the eyes. This produces a natural shine and gives a beautiful complexion to your face. A big plus is that the lotion washes off easily.

Shimmer lotion is suitable for use in all seasons. In winter it alleviates dry, ashy skin. In the spring and summer months it will give your skin the effect of a sun kissed glow when you are revealing a little more arm and leg.
The body shimmer can complete your look when going out by highlighting your skin with a sexy illumination. It is a great beauty product as it keeps the skin hydrated, and has a wonderful scent.